My whole life I’ve been thinking in all the things that I should do and trying to find the best way to do it. Indirectly I’ve been thinking in perfection and how to get it, but you know what? I´m done.

I realize that the world is a work in progress. Its about make mistakes and get hurt, its about build a solid base just to see how it wrecks while you are in pain. Nothing is forever, neither you, neither I, so the only thing we have to care about is to live.
As you probably know I´ve been blogging for a year or so, but I never use my blog to express what I think about life, love, relationships, friendships, politics, religion, social behavior, art and all those things that no one wants to read.

So welcome to my mind, Im gonna share here all those things that I´ve been keeping to myself and I hope you find it interesting, yes I know that was a weird introduction but… who cares.

Don´t judge my blog design, as you can see its a work in progress too.