Does Happiness really exist?

I was talking with some friends recently and some of them said that “happiness” was one of their life goals. I didn’t say anything because, I mean, it’s your life you can do whatever you want, but really? Are you spending your time doing things that maybe you dont like just to “be happy” some day?

I can’t believe it. I’m thinking so hard about it and I realize that “Happiness” is, indeed, one of the most wanted wishes in this hopeless world. Maybe Im not the chosen one to talk about it but, Why dont you try to be happy with the things you have? Why dont you try to be happy with the things you dont have? Are you really looking for happiness or something else? What happiness means anyway?

There are a lot of things that simply doesn’t work in my life. Im not perfect, I make mistakes but I’m trying to deal with it. I´ve learned that life its too short to worry about the future, I mean, yes its important have a vision of your life in a short, medium and long period, but meanwhile you can enjoy it. Stop thinking that happiness is something you must work hard to reach. There is happiness in every single thing you do, you just have to open your mind and see it.

For me happiness is not that kind of state of grace that comes to you at the end of your life in an old house by the sea. I think happiness is wake up in the morning, sleep in the night, laughing with your friends for no reason, its cry for a loved one, its be an imperfect human being.

What I wanted to say is that happiness is something that we all are able to feel. No matter if you are rich or poor, black or white, if you are healthy or sick, its something that we all should feel at least once a day, because its free and the most important thing in life. I mean, happiness should not be the end but the process.